The Three ‘M’ Components
Before spending any money on promotion you have to review the following three components in sequential. These are:

• Message
• Market
• Media

Very often companies will focus their time, money and effort on the ‘Media’ component but forget the first two.

This component is a review on the right content being released to the market. It is imperative this done correctly to persuade the prospects to respond. This component requires marketing skill and know how on content that is written.

Target Market is key to making sure the message is sent to the right people for maximum conversions. It doesn’t matter if the message is clear or not. If it is promoted to the wrong market the message is fallen on deaf ears. For instance if an internet banner ad campaign about a skin care product for younger skin is shown to young males aged between 18-25 as apposed to people aged 50+. The campaign will most likely to fail.

This component is to review all media vehicles and choose the best one for maximum conversions. The decision for this is on the target market behaviours. You have to be familiar with your target market well enough to know where they go to shopping. What newspapers and magazines do they buy. What radio stations do they listen. Which cinemas do they go to watch movies. What are their pet habits. If you have a good enough outline answers to these questions you will be able to choose the right media vehicle to better target the market with the correct message for conversion.

To You Success

Ali Khan