The Advertising Master Class By Alan Forrest Smith


Unleash Your Copywriting Potential with “The Advertising Masterclass By Alan Forrest Smith”

Are you tired of watching others succeed while your copy falls flat? Do you dream of creating advertising that not only sells but propels you to new heights of success? Look no further — “The Advertising Masterclass” is your ticket to copywriting mastery!

Who Else Wants The Skills To Create Killer Advertising That Delivers Profits Time and Time Again For Life… From Two of The Most In-Demand Advertising Copywriters and Marketers in The World?

Would you like to WRITE yourself a brand new car? WRITE yourself a holiday? Or WRITE yourself a sales surge on demand? It Could Give You More Security Than Property Investment …

Make You More Money Than Shares – In Fact You’re Going To Discover How To Make As Much Money As You Want For The Rest Of Your Life.


Craft Killer Advertising That Resonates For a Lifetime!

Imagine the power to write your ticket to success — a brand new car, dream holidays, or a surge in sales whenever you desire. The skills you’ll gain from Alan Forrest Smith’s 7-Part Training Set are your gateway to more security than property investment and more money than shares. This course reveals the secrets of two of the most in-demand advertising copywriters and marketers globally.

The Ultimate Copywriting Training for Results!

This intensive two-day program is not just a course; it’s a treasure trove of techniques, strategies, and winning formulas for creating, fixing, and writing ads guaranteed to sell like crazy. It’s time to Rip It, Strip It, Tear It To Shreds, and Re-Build Killer Advertising that will skyrocket your sales.

The Advertising Master Class By Alan Forrest Smith

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Discover Skills That Pay Dividends:

  1. Write a headline so powerful that the Government might consider registering it as a lethal weapon.
  2. Transform into a 400-year-old Jedi Knight of internet advertising, even if you’ve never written an ad or web page before.
  3. Make a 15-second change to any sales message and increase its readership by up to 400% instantly.
  4. Uncover the secrets behind writing killer guarantees that make people raid their mother’s bank account to get what you’re selling.
  5. Learn a secret formula for testimonials so heartfelt that Oprah Winfrey demands you share them on her show.

Rip It, Strip It, Tear It To Shreds and Re-Build Killer Advertising For You That’ll Increase Your Sales.


How to write a headline so drop-dead powerful that the Government asks you to register it as a lethal weapon

Total newbie to advertising on the internet? Discover how to turn yourself into the equivalent of a 400 year old Jedi Knight in no time flat (even if you’ve never written an ad or web-page in your life)
How to make a 15-second change to any sales message and increase its readership by up to 400% … INSTANTLY!

Our 3 secrets behind writing KILLER guarantees that make people raid their mother’s bank account just so they can they get their hands on what you’re selling Our jealously-guarded secret formula for TESTIMONIALS that are so heartfelt, Oprah Winfrey demands you share them on her show

How to create offers so irresistible that prospects hit your order button faster than a cattle dog on a stray sheep WHERE to get a truck-load of bonuses which will have your prospects slobbering all over themselves and wetting their pants in excitement… yet they’ll hardly cost you a cent.

How to advertise offline … in order to have people flocking to your site online 3 key questions that help you zero in on your Unique Selling Proposition like a laser beam (you’ve never heard this stuff before … ANYWHERE – and we’ve never even told our closest colleagues these secrets)

Our inside secrets for writing bullets that are so hot they melt the screen … and so intriguing your reader can’t get to sleep until they OWN your product or TRY your service

How to guarantee a happy customer EVERY time (even if your product sucks and your customer is the Devil himself)

How to make sure your Yellow Pages ad “forces” the reader to call you before they even think about calling anyone else

4 little-known reasons why people don’t buy from you (once you discover these 4 reasons, you will be able to sell virtually every prospect you have)The fundamental problem with 98% of advertising — once you understand this critical mistake, you can create advertising that literally becomes a money-making machine that you turn on and off AT WILL.

The Advertising Master Class By Alan Forrest Smith

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The 2 types of advertising – ONE sends you broke before you even start (yet it’s the method recommended by nearly EVERY advertising agency and newspaper in the world) … the OTHER can pull in mega sales for just cents on the dollar

How to get simply amazing results from any ad you write (even if it’s your first campaign and you don’t have 2 cents to rub together)

The simple, simple secret that has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in wasted advertising, while also being responsible for HUGE returns (in fact, if you apply this little secret as one of your “life rules” you can virtually guarantee your success in any field you desire)

The only 7 ways you can increase the response of ANY ad – forget the over-simplistic “AIDA” formula taught in courses and colleges around the world ( it doesn’t go far enough) … once you know these 7 principles you are set for life (NEVER again will you be stuck wondering how to get your sales soaring – now wouldn’t that be a nice thought for a change?)

Our complete “success template” revealed for you to see – you’ll discover every single strategy for creating MONEY-SUCKING advertising. And each one is grouped into their respective categories so that it all makes sense … common sense, that is (this is the exact template I refer to when I coach clients for a minimum of $1,000 an hour – once you have this template in your hands, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same!)

The greatest 15 second secret you’ll ever use to increase your response by up 1900% (in fact, I lie … that’s what the industry people always quote but I’ve used it to increase the response of a client’s ad by 3,148%!! – in fact I’ll show you the exact ad – imagine this happening to YOU!) This one secret is so powerful you could learn just it alone, and make tens of thousands of dollars more than you do now!

Actual ‘killer’ examples of hot ads to illustrate every strategy I give you (ads which I have personally written and which have been raging successes – which means, they brought in a ton of moolah!) – plus, what I’ve also done is written in my own comments explaining WHY the strategy worked and HOW (and that’s on EVERY single example!)

Everything made so simple that even a 12 year old could understand it and apply it for profit (which means it’ll be a cinch for you) – you get virtual A … B … C… instruction to advance your skills at warp speed.

How to quickly and easily demand attention like Pamela Anderson on a public beach … or Brad Pitt in an underwear ad (let’s face it, if you don’t get people focusing on your marketing quick-smart, you could be daydreaming in the dole queue quicker than you can say, “Please sure, can I have more?” – so I show you how stand out like the proverbials … and get people taking you as serious as a judge).

The miracle technique for getting up to 400% EXTRA READERSHIP of your marketing in a heartbeat (this one’s so simple you’ll die – but you’ll also profit like crazy when you apply it) AND YES, you’ll see actual proof (Virtually no-one knows this incredible sales-boosting secret).

The Advertising Master Class By Alan Forrest Smith

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Why doing what everyone else is as “scared as a mouse” to do, could actually turn you into an overnight success
The mystifying tricks you can use to get people eating up your copy like hyena’s on a grazing buffalo – truly … use these techniques and your prospects will hang off your every word and be desperate to give you their cash.

Gob-smacking ways to gain so much instant trust with your prospect that they’d be ready to sign over their next of kin (even if they don’t know you from a bar of soap and have never trusted a soul in their life!).

Our latest and greatest techniques for creating offers which are so irresistible, your customers practically beg you to take their money (in fact, they’ll get so excited they’ll be ringing every person they know just to tell them they bought your product… well, almost).

How to write guarantees that can calm even the most blubbering mess … send your sales through the roof … and have newspaper editors knocking your door down to interview you (Thought it was impossible? It’s not. And it’s easy).

How to turn your business card into the greatest … and most low-cost … selling tool you have – so good in fact that people hold on to it like gold and authors feature it in their books as the most amazing marketing tool they’ve ever seen (yes, this happened to me!).

Our LIGHT SPEED technique for turning yourself into a world-class copywriter – so fast in fact that you’ll likely need to sit down and take a big deep breath (that’s okay, you’ll be fine after a few moments).

One secret we have never revealed to anyone before that could make you the “go-to” guy for friends, family and clients who want million-dollar ads … and who want to pay handsomely for the privilege.

The exact action-getting words you must put in every order coupon (you get an actual example of mine – everything laid out for you just like your Mum used to lay out your pyjamas and slippers for bedtime – what? Your Mum didn’t do that for you? Oh well, at least I’ve looked after you in this regard).

The behind-the-scenes ad-writing low-down – this is the stuff you never get to hear … only copywriters at conferences share these inside secrets with each other, but I tell you HOW you need to think if you want to create ads that are pure money-making classics.

How Brett “wrecked” an ad on purpose just so that it would bring in MORE response – you can do the same in your ads and your competition won’t have a clue what you’re doing – WHO CARES? Your accountant will understand perfectly once he sees your bank balance!

The secrets of creating newspaper and magazine ads which will make you seriously wealthy (not one “mainstream” advertising agency even has a clue about how to do this – BUT YOU WILL).

How to make your classified ads pull like a magnet on nails – saving you loads of cash up front, but filling up your wallet in record time.

The letter Rick Otton used to make over $100,000 in 3 weeks.

The letter Ed Burton uses to sell his legendary $1,500 “tax reduction/asset protection” seminars to sold-out houses of 500 people at a time.

The Yellow Pages ad for Motorcycle World in New Zealand which confounded the critics and paid for itself in its first week (in fact, by the strength of this ad alone, a customer drove over 4 hours to the store and purchased the most expensive motorcycle they had!).

The Advertising Master Class By Alan Forrest Smith

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The Yellow Pages ad that took Justin Stone from sitting around twiddling his thumbs … to needing to sell off 40% of his business because he couldn’t cope with the demand for his lawn mowing service (that’s right, the ad that increased his previous year’s response by 3,148%!).

The blockbuster 12-page sales letter that pulled $149,500 in sales in just 10 days for a seminar promoter

The ad campaign for a carpet cleaner, including the ad which beat all the others by 10 times!!

A ton of classified ads that sent sales into the stratosphere for a huge variety of clients.

My own ads that have made me no less than $2,000 a week since I started using them (and they just keep on working!).

Can you afford not to have these as powerful reference tools?

7-Parts from a 2-day Advertising Masterclass Training Camp. Perfect extra training for your team, your copywriter or your marketing managers.

Testimonials That Speak Volumes:

“I was skeptical, but this course changed the game for me. My ads went from average to extraordinary, and my sales followed. It’s worth every penny!” – Susan, Small Business Owner

“I’ve invested in many courses, but Alan’s techniques are unmatched. The proof is in the results; my conversion rates have never been higher!” – Mike, Marketing Professional

10 Benefits of Enrolling Today:

  1. Proven system developed by industry veterans.
  2. Personalized coaching and feedback from experienced copywriters.
  3. Access to exclusive bonuses, including a comprehensive copywriting toolkit.
  4. Increased earning potential with copy that sells.
  5. Better marketing skills applicable to any industry.
  6. Step-by-step guidance from writing novices to copywriting Jedi.
  7. Exclusive access to a private online community of successful copywriters.
  8. Practical knowledge to write compelling guarantees and testimonials.
  9. Strategies to demand attention and increase readership.
  10. A complete “success template” to create money-sucking advertising.

Unlock Your Copywriting Potential – Enroll Now!

Don’t miss the chance to transform your copywriting skills. Enroll now in “The Advertising Masterclass By Alan Forrest Smith” and watch your career soar!

To Your Success

Ali Khan
Founder & CEO of Dough Funnels

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The Advertising Master Class By Alan Forrest Smith

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